Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meandi Corner is closing temporarily

I know what you all are thinking.  Has it been open lately anyway? Some of you have probably been wondering if my TBR pile has fell on me and the rescue crew not been able to find her yet? Has alien abducted her and then got annoyed and dropped her off on a planet that has no net? Maybe her computer went out and I'm still waiting on the Pony express notification?
Well in short- The answer is none off the above . All though come to think of it 2 sounds kind-of close. But really I'm in the process of major upheaval. I am moving and my lord I don't know how people move cross country when I am simply moving 2 states and it's a pain.
Cupids' OverlookSo we are simple going to close the Corner for a part of the summer. We will be back On July 20th and I have a Welcome Back Party scheduled with lots of prizes. And I have a review of Cameron Glenn's Cupid's Overlook coming.
I hope to see everyone there and I will post a quick reminder close to that date .
Until then follow me on twitter @meandicorner and I will miss you all.

Or if you still need me feel free to e-mail me I will get back to you even if it takes a few days.

Off on my voyage into the Dark ages -

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Traveling Story at Romance in the Backseat

Please stop by and give it a read and of course vote on it.Come get involved cause you never know a part of the story could be posted on our little blog. And as always stop and tell me what your reading or just whats on your radar for the month And Authors feel free to send me info on your new releases cause we would love to hear about that too.I knowI have been neglecting yall and I'm so sorry Life got busy recently but I will be back with awesome post soon. Now back yo the topic. Stop in And telling I sent you over who knows that could lead to great things

Romance in the Backseat