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2012 (movie review)

Ok so I know most people will say they have already seen this movie but Hey what can I say I'm slow.I HATE going to the theater. Our is alway cold with the most uncomfortable seats and for some reason maybe it's me but their sound is off. The bass is so loud it will shake the walls but the talking is so low you need sub- titles to know whats going on. All in all a horrible experience for me so I watch my movies when they come to DVD and with my ( Other) a major home entertainment guy ( I love Blu-ray now but shhh don't tell him) he keeps me up with the lastest movies. Ok rambling here back to the point.

2012 - A Keeper. I loved it. I'm not a cry at movies type of girl but this one yeah I descretely wiped away a few. Maybe it was all the earthquakes that has been happening but it really left me with a small feeling of dread and the knowledge nugget of hey it could happen. But in the end the graphics rocked. A beautiful story of love and family amongst a back-drop of explosions and who don't love seeing things blow-up. Now I'm a love nature in all it's glory and I have to add if you are too, watch for the volcano eruption. Awesome.

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Blood Curse by Crystal Rain Love Review

Blood Curse

Three sets of immortal mates...One warrior born to save the world from Satan's wrath.

Vampires. Witches. Shifters. All will band together to stop the darkness from winning. Fury ignites, love blooms, and relationships are put to the test, all with a passion thatproves hotter than the flames of hell. The battle to save the world doesn't get any sexier.

When Aria Michaels sets out to find the vampire who took her mother’s life, she’s stunned when she finds Rialto Renaldi, the vampire who has been haunting her dreams, instead. She hadn’t believed he was real, and she knows she should run from Rialto as fast as she can. But who better to help her find her mother’s killer?

Rialto is reluctant to help the mortal woman who has invaded his dreams, even though he’s curious about who she is and why she has this strange connection to him. He isn’t, however, about to satisfy his curiosity. The last time he became involved with a mortal, he ended up destroying her. But he knows that if Aria searches for the killer on her own, she’ll join her mother in death.

Finally, Rialto agrees to help Aria, but the pair soon learns that fate brought them together for a much larger purpose, and fate has every intention of destroying them if they don't fulfill their roles in the Blood Revelation Prophecy . . .

Book #1 Blood Revelation Series

ISBN#: 978-1-933417-05-9

March 2010

Imajinn Books


$14.00/$6.00 e-book

227 Pages

Romantic Suspense (Paranormal)


Excerpt -

She thinks I’m a repulsive monster? I’ll show her a repulsive

monster, Rialto thought, as he ducked under a rickety set of

fire escape stairs, positioning Aria with him among the shadows

so they could see the alley without being seen themselves.

“What are we doing here?”

“Hunting,” he answered irritably, and again asked himself

why. He wasn’t in dire need of blood. He could go another

night or two if need be, but here he was, hiding among the

shadows with the woman he’d dreamed about for over two

decades yet was still a stranger. So why hunt at all tonight?

Because you saw the desire in her eyes, he reminded

himself. She’d tried to chase it away, but not before he’d seen

the heat of it blazing in those eyes of pure green. It was the

same look he saw in her eyes when he dreamed of her, right

before she scratched her own throat to offer him her blood.

He would not allow the dream to become real.

She tensed before him, and he realized he was squeezing

her wrist too tight. He released his grip and brought his other

arm around her waist, holding her so that her back was firmly

pressed against his chest. She let out a soft, barely audible

whimper, reminding him of a kitten trapped by a pit bull, and

her fear spiked another degree. He could sense it rolling off of

her in fervent waves as blood pumped harder through her veins,

calling to him like a siren’s song. He dipped his head, smelling

the skin of her neck peeking out from the collar of her jacket.

Coconut and leather fused together, combining with the fragrant

aroma of blood and fear, begging him to taste the droplets of

sweat glistening along her collarbone.

“Try it and die,” Aria warned, and he felt the unmistakable

point of a sharpened stake pushing against his throat.
I was lucky enough to win this book on Crystal Rain Love's blog It's a Sick Sad World
My thoughts- This book is a can't put down for me. The world of vampires and witches that had flaws to make them lovable really drew me in.The romance a classic tale of deciding to alter your own life so you can be with the one you love is sweeping. The mystery of who-dun-it is very well written and will keep you guessing. Crystal Rain Love has a great voice through the book to make those pages keep flipping. Can't wait for the next one, so Crystal get to writing :)
Buy Blood Curse here or go and be sure to stop by Crystal's blog.

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R.G Alexander has a new release coming out tonight !!!!!!!!!!

A Shifter, A Vampire and A Demon walk into a bar…

Shifting Reality, Book 1

Thomas Lyons is your average cat shifter. Cool, seductive…and bored out of his mind. With the new popularity of all things paranormal, he doesn’t see why he should hide anymore. When his half-demon technophile roommate hooks him up with a computer, Thomas starts a blog announcing to the world who and what he is. Oddly enough, the more he shares, the less he’s believed. In fact, people begin thinking it’s a new online series with fantastic effects.

Margo Sheffield doesn’t dance on tables anymore, not since her reckless naïveté cost her so much. These days, her only guilty pleasures are dark chocolate, shoes—and a certain website with a man whose purring voice sends shivers down her spine. When the show, Shifting Reality, offers a week in a haunted Scottish castle with the stars, it seems a far-off dream. But when that dream becomes reality, her boss’s insistence that she mix business with pleasure—or else—is more like a nightmare.

Thomas’s focus on the show is blown by the luscious, camera-shy handful. And Margo can barely think about contracts when she’s surrounded by newlywed ghost hunters, a matchmaking demon and a man whose addictive touch makes her head spin. A showmance is the last thing she needs, but with a sexy cat like Thomas on the prowl…she just can’t resist.

Warning: Tons of explicit sex. A cat shifter with an oral fixation, voyeurism, anal sex, sex in pantries, with ghosts…you get the idea.

Keep your eyes open-it should be out tonight at MBAM


Literary Nymphs-4 nymphs- “My Shifter Showmance is very different from anything I have read before but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. This is the first release in the Shifting Reality series and I can’t begin to imagine who the next story will be about, especially with all of the intriguing characters. Once Thomas and Margo get together, and get past their inhibitions, the sex is blistering hot….Congrats R. G. and I am looking forward to reading your next book soon.”

Whipped Cream Reviews-5 cherries- “I had a blast reading this one. It was such a different premise, and takes full advantages of the modern technology so prevalent in today’s world. Thomas, Mac and Saint are three very interesting and unusual characters….three very sexy and hot beyond belief hunks. I would expect no less in an R. G. Alexander tale. I am so glad she indicated this is the first of a series, because I definitely want to read more about these characters.

Ms. Alexander has a way with character development, and her world is very believable as well. This is a great book, a joy to read, and it leaves you wanting to visit again. ”

Don’t Forget to check out contest at!


“No more.”

Thomas hopped over the back of the couch, his agile body moving in a way no human’s could. He landed to sit comfortably, legs crossed on the coffee table as he popped a potato chip into his mouth. “Don’t get your kilt in a twist, Mac, you agreed to this, remember?”

The tall Scotsman snarled as he paced the living room. “I believe you mentioned something about freedom in the anonymity of the Internet. That we’d be lost in the masses, and there would be no true repercussions for baring our proverbial souls.” He stopped to glare at Thomas. “People are following me whenever I show myself, Lyons. Other vampires are split into two camps. They either want to be on the show, or they are planning my demise for allowing you to continue to out us. That sounds like repercussions to me.”

“They’re called fans, Mac Attack. It isn’t like they’re carrying torches and pitchforks.” Thomas chuckled. “Not yet anyway. As for the vampire threats, you can take them. You’re the toughest bloodsucker I know.”

Saint spoke up from his position on the leather recliner without lifting his gaze from his laptop. “The forums are already lighting up like Christmas trees, and the contest post is going viral.”


Thomas snorted. “That’s a good thing in this case, Mac. Now you just need to let the current residents at Castle Continuously Depressing know we’re having guests.”

Mac crossed his arms. “Only if you remember our deal. After I allow you to turn my home into your own private testing ground, this ends. No more waking to find a camera attached to my headboard. No more deep in depth interviews about the taste of Type A versus Type O positive. I have lived a dozen lifetimes with no more than a family painting to prove my existence. And now I’ve been recorded sleeping merely to answer a random question on your damn site about whether or not a vampire snores. So no more invasions of my privacy, or Saint’s, or you’ll be looking for a new roommate…and we all know who keeps this place in cream and caviar.”

Thomas watched Mac storm out to the balcony and disappear into the night, becoming the mist. He was always envious of that ability. Arrogant bastard. Problem was, Mac was right. He stared at the ceiling morosely. It had gotten out of hand. He’d never imagined people would actually pay attention to one small website among so many. Or that he’d enjoy it this much.

He wasn’t sure when it began to bother him, hiding what he was. Maybe it always had. His was a proud species. Cats weren’t known for their humility, after all. He didn’t want to dominate humans, but pretending to be one of them, pretending he wasn’t stronger, faster, more agile and a hell of a lot longer lived…well that sucked.

Clark Kent he wasn’t. The alter ego, play-acting routine had long grown stale. But he’d lived with it for so long. Swallowed the bitter taste in his mouth and suffered in silence. Until that one night. He recalled it with great clarity. He’d been penned up for too long, and he felt the desire to unleash his lion for a late night run. He’d shifted back to his human form in an alley behind his favorite nightclub. He was feeling wild, longing for the sexual release the beast within him craved. Before he could enter the club he heard the scream. A young woman had seen him, watched his body morph, watched his fur disappear and clothing come from out of the ether to cover him.

He’d reacted instinctively. Done what he’d done a thousand times before. He’d pulled her into his arms, swamped her with his pheromones, then found her friends and convinced them she was drunk. When she’d rambled on and on about seeing a lion in the alley, about her sudden need to have sex, they’d all chuckled, joking with her about her inability to hold her liquor before they decided to take her home. It was a scenario Thomas had played out before, but this time…it had gotten to him.

He started thinking about the injustice of it all. Why couldn’t he shift when he wanted to? Why did Mac have to change locations, “die” and leave his inheritance to himself over and over again? And Saint. Well, Saint was different. He had no desire to leave the house or his computer to explore the world outside. He said the demon half of him didn’t play well with others. At least, not in person. But what about all the other shifters and vampires out there? What about the ghosts? They accepted humans and their right to exist, why couldn’t they live out in the open as well?

He’d gotten home that night railing at the Fates, going on an on until Saint had walked out of the room and brought him one of his extra computers. He’d shown him how to use the webcam and how to start a blog. Mainly, Thomas now believed, to get him to shut up.

It was like catnip. He’d begun to talk into the camera and, like a sinner at confession, it had all poured out. All his frustrations, what he was, everything. It had been cathartic. Freeing. Addictive. When people began to comment on his blog, discussing his video posts in the chat room, going with what they considered his fantasy…well, he enjoyed that too. Here he could talk to them, answer questions, get into arguments about myth versus reality. Here he could be himself.

And he’d loved the loyal posters and chat room groupies. He found himself prowling less, staying home just to talk to them. Doing things he wouldn’t normally do, like risking the wrath of his roommates just to please them. Fanglvr353 had been the one to request a camera placed on the sleeping Mac’s headboard. She’d been so grateful she’d sent him virtual flowers. And a picture of herself that made even Thomas blush. It was for Mac, but somehow Thomas didn’t think he’d be appreciative.

“She’s signed in.”

Thomas glanced over at Saint, suddenly alert. “She?”

Saint raised one dark eyebrow. “Kittysnapdragon. Isn’t she your favorite?”

He tried not to let his excitement show. What had she thought of his last video? Had she gotten his not so subtle message to her? Had she entered the contest? He rolled his eyes at Saint. “She’s just a fan of the website, man. Besides, you told me yourself how these things work. She could be a sixty-five-year-old, three hundred pound man for all I know.”
Saint shook his head. “Nope. More like thirty-one, female, long, dark brown hair and an ass you could bounce quarters off for fun.”

Thomas made an effort to stop growling, pulling his lips down over his extending incisors. “It isn’t nice to pry, Saint.” He kept forgetting Saint’s talent. A technophile, Saint traveled through the ether with his mind alone. In a heartbeat he could know everything about anyone linked in. A power Thomas wouldn’t mind borrowing from time to time. “Quarters, you say?”

You all know I love R.G Alexander and I'm going to be in-line to buy :)

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The Book Resort is celebrating

Come join the book resort in their celebration of their 1st blogoversary. And they have a fab contest for a Sony PRS600. It looks sweet. Stop on by !

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Queen of Kings By Cornelia Amiri Review

Queen of KingsSummary

The powerful battle queen has her pick of the men, but can the handsome stranger best her skills and win her heart?
It’s hard to believe this tale survived, passed down by oral tradition alone, for over a thousand years. Then again, it’s an exciting story.
Macha of the Red Braids exudes the essence of female power. Defying and fighting two kings, she takes her father’s place on the throne. With one goal in mind, she uses magic, battles, disguises, and skills of seduction to take the crown as sole ruler. She is the only woman listed as a High King of Ireland. She builds the famed kingdom of Emain Macha, marking off the borders with the pin of her treasured cloak brooch. Even still, a Champion from the wilds of Connaught throws the powerful battle queen off guard when he comes to claim her heart. Has Macha met her match in Nath of Connaught? Will he pass the three trials she has set before him?

I was lucky enough to win this book in a contest.

This is a short story, only 18,000 words.

This is book is listed  Celtic  Fantasy Romance story, however the hero is not introduced until late into chapter 3 and as this is only a 5 chapter book I considered it more Fantasy then Romance.

Macha the main character is one I could really enjoy. She is a strong, determined young girl at the beginning of the story who grows into a wise and determined Queen in her land. But through it all she remains kind hearted.

All in all a great quick fantasy read that ends happily and leaves you  wishing Macha and Nath, the hero, all the best.  Cornelia has a great voice and the plot rolled along nicely.I will definitely be picking up Cornelia's other works.

Get this on amazon Queen of Kings or find it here at Eternal Press Queen of Kings

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I'm going to talk video games for a minute

Ok so I love video games. Well maybe I should say I love certain video games. And so I'm going to talk about my latest addiction.- Oblivion- The Elder Scrolls 4. Now I played Morrowind which is the elder Scrolls 3 and no you don't have to play that one before you jump into Oblivion but Morrowind is where I first became addicted.The gaint free range of the Elder scrolls is what first attracted me. There are missions and side-quest that you can do but in what order and the decision to do side quest is completely up to you. But i'm getting ahead of myself heres a blurb of what it about :

Oblivion Game of the Year Edition presents one fo the best RPG's of all time like never before. Step inside the most richly detailed and vibrant game-world ever created. With a powerful combination of freeform gameplay and unprecedented graphics, you can unravel the main quest at your own pace or explore the vast world and find your own challenges. Also included in the Game of the Year edition are Knights of the Nine and the Shivering Isles expansion, adding new and unique quests and content to the already massive world of Oblivion.

Now I didn't get the game of the year edition but I did download the extra content off the playstation 3 network and I can honestly say that the game of the year edition is better in terms of price

Live another life in another world, create and play any character you can imagine
An all-new combat and magic system brings first person role-playing to a new level of intensity
Groundbreaking AI system gives characters full 24/7 schedules
New lands to explore in the Shivering Isles expansion
Challenging new foes, hideous insects, Flesh Atronachs, skeletal Shambles, amphibeous Grummites and more

And the plot-

Oblivion is set in Cyrodiil, a province of Tamriel, the continent on which all the games in the series have taken place. The plot begins with the arrival of Emperor Uriel Septim VII (voiced by Patrick Stewart), accompanied by a trio of Imperial bodyguards known as "the Blades", at the Imperial City prison. They are fleeing from the assassins of the Mythic Dawn, a fanatical religious cult, through a secret underground exit in the city sewers. By chance, the exit is located in the cell occupied by the player. The player follows the party into a series of catacombs. There, the group is attacked by the Mythic Dawn, who are staved off by the Blades. Meanwhile, Uriel entrusts the player with the Amulet of Kings, an ancient artifact traditionally worn by the ruler of Cyrodiil, and orders them to take it to a man known as Jauffre. Subsequently, an assassin ambushes and kills the emperor, before being defeated. The sole surviving guard, Baurus, explains that Jauffre is the Grandmaster of the Blades and can be found at Weynon Priory. The player then proceeds to the open world of Cyrodiil.

It is soon revealed that the lack of an heir for the fallen Emperor has broken an old covenant—the seal for the barrier between the mortal realm and the hellish realm of Oblivion. Multiple gates to Oblivion open and an invasion of Tamriel begins by magical creatures known as the Daedra. Jauffre informs the player that the only way to close down the gates permanently is to find someone of the royal bloodline to retake the throne and re-light the Dragonfires in the Imperial City. Fortunately, there is still an heir to the Septim throne: an illegitimate son named Martin (voiced by Sean Bean), who resides in the city of Kvatch. Upon arriving at Kvatch, the player is met by a fleeing refugee, who explains that the Daedra have destroyed the city and killed many of its inhabitants. The leader of the town guardsmen, Savlian Matius, says he saw Martin escape into the chapel along with a few others, but cannot get into the city, as the Oblivion Gate is obstructing the main city gate. After venturing into the Planes of Oblivion and closing the gate, the player assists Savlian Matius in a counter-attack against the Daedra within the city walls. With the area secured, the player enters the Kvatch chapel and persuades Martin to come to Weynon Priory.

Upon their return, the player finds that Weynon Priory is under attack by the Mythic Dawn and discovers the Amulet of Kings has been stolen. Jauffre orders the player to escort himself and Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple, the stronghold of the Blades. Martin is there recognized as the Emperor and is given command of the Blades, while the player is sent off in search of the Amulet. After gathering information with the help of Baurus, the player is tasked with infiltrating the secret meeting place of the Mythic Dawn. When the player manages to infiltrate the inner circle of the Mythic Dawn, their leader—Mankar Camoran (voiced by Terence Stamp)—escapes to his Paradise through a portal, taking the Amulet of Kings with him. The player takes Mankar Camoran's book (the Mysteriam Xarxes), which has the power to open a portal to the Paradise, before escaping the shrine. Martin deduces that the only way to recover the amulet is to create a portal to the Paradise and follow Camoran. A "collect-the-pieces" quest begins, as the player seeks out three key artifacts necessary to recreate the portal.
With all three retrieved, Martin reveals that a final ingredient is needed: a Great Sigil Stone from a Great Gate similar to the one that devastated Kvatch. Martin and Jauffre hatch a plan that involves allowing the city of Bruma to be attacked by the Daedra so that a Great Gate can be opened. The player then must venture into the gate and obtain the Great Sigil Stone. On the battlefield before Bruma, Martin gives a moving speech before charging the Daedra. Many men are lost but a Great Gate is finally opened. Within, the player obtains the Great Sigil Stone.

A portal is created at Cloud Ruler Temple and the player is sent to Camoran's Paradise. After bypassing a host of monsters and obstacles, the player confronts Camoran in his throne room and slays him and his family. When the player takes the Amulet from Camoran's neck, the Paradise evaporates. The player returns the Amulet to Martin, and the Blades travel to the Imperial City to re-light the Dragonfires and end the Daedric invasion. There, the Daedra begin a desperate final assault and overrun the Imperial City. The player and several others fight their way to a small temple named the Temple of the One, in the Imperial City Temple District, to find that a 200-foot tall being is wreaking havoc in the city, revealed to be the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon himself. The player and Martin fight their way into the Temple, where Martin shatters the Amulet of Kings to merge himself with the spirit of Akatosh, the Dragon-God of Time, and become his Avatar. After an epic fight, the Avatar defeats Dagon, before turning to stone. Martin disappears, the gates of Oblivion are shut forever, and the throne of the Empire again lies empty. In a final monologue, Martin describes the events in an optimistic light and states that the future of Tamriel is now in the player's hands. Lord Chancellor Ocato of the Elder Council proclaims the player Champion of Cyrodiil.

Now I adore this game I received it for Christmas and since then the kids have to wrestle the PS controller out of my hands. And I'm not even half way through which it another thing I just love. When I find a great game I want it to last and with hundreds of hours of gameplay Oblivion certain fits the bill. The graphics are awesome. And with the free roam if I don't feel like doing the missions I can just wander the wilderness looking for new places to find. Oblivion is available on many platforms. So if your looking for a great game to help you unwind look no farther.

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Whooo We Remodeled

As was posted before I'm attending the Book Blogger and Publishers Online Conference. Friday was day one and man is my head spinning just from all that I have learn already.And one of the focus thing as I'm sure you have guessed is the lay out of the blog itself. And per the suggestions that I have received we re-decorated. I love it but still I'm open to more suggestions so.... Tell me what you think! What else would you like to see? Know a good joke? Yeah I know I'm reaching but I'd love to hear from you.

BTW- I'm putting together a new release and soon to be released page so Got a book coming out? Send me the info and I will get it up.

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Happy St Patricks Day

Ok so I'm wearing green. Are you? What is your favorite part of St patrick's day. Is it the green beer or the kissing the Irish men part, you know I love that part of it.
By the way I'm like an eight irish so men pucker up. Eight kisses equal the same thing right? And just cause I'm feeling generous here is some tasty eye candy Now I don't know if they are irish or not but here you are. Enjoy

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Kathryne Kennedy's new series, THE ELVEN LORDS: Book One

If his powers are discovered, his father will destroy him...
In a magical land ruled by ruthless Elven Lords, the Fire Lord's son Dominic Raikes plays a deadly game to conceal his growing might from his malevolent father, until his arranged bride awakens in him passions he thought he had buried forever.
Unless his bride kills him first...
Lady Cassandra has been raised in outward purity and innocence, while secretly being trained as an assassin. Her mission is to bring down the Elven Lord and his champion son. But when she gets to court she discovers that nothing is what it seems, least of all the man she married...

Then Dominic and Cassandra together discover an unspeakable evil, one that threatens the destruction of the magical realm they would give their souls to save...

A darkly delicious new fantasy world of sizzling romance amid the pageantry of Georgian England.

"THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER showcases Kathryne Kennedy's deft craftmanship as she once again blends history and high fantasy with amazing skill. A Tolkien-esque world combined with an eighteenth-century historical romance produces a satisfying tale with twists you'll never expect. Excellent!"~NYT bestselling author Jennifer Ashley

"Brilliantly crafted and moving. An epic fantasy you'll want to read again and again."~NYT bestselling author Angie Fox

"As darkly imaginative as Tolkien, as richly romantic as Heyer, Kennedy carves a new genre in romantic fiction."~Erin Quinn, author of Haunting Warrior

Site Design & Written Content (exclusive of quoted material) copyright @ by Kathryne Kennedy, All Rights Reserved

The History of THE ELVEN LORDS
The link between the world of man and Elfhame had sundered long ago, the elven people and their magic fading to legend. Tall beings of extraordinary beauty, the fae preferred a world of peace. But seven elves--considered mad by their own people--longed for power and war. They stole sacred magical scepters, created their dragon-steeds, and opened the gate to the realm of man again and flew through.

Each elf carved a sovereign land within England, replacing the baronies that had so recently been formed by William the Conqueror. They acquired willing and unwilling slaves to serve in their palaces and till their lands. And fight their wars. Like mythical gods they set armies of humans against each other, battling for the right to win the king, who’d become nothing more than a trophy. They bred with their human slaves, producing children to become champions of their war games.

The elven lords maintained a unified pact, using the scepters in a united will to place a barrier around England, with only a few guarded borders open to commerce. Elven magic provided unique goods and the world turned a blind eye to the plight of the people, persuaded by greed to leave England to its own, as long as the elven did not seek to expand their rule into neighboring lands.

But many of the English people formed a secret rebellion to fight their oppressors. Some of the elven’s children considered themselves human despite their foreign blood and joined the cause. And over the centuries these half-breeds became their only hope.

Please visit:

Stay tuned for more as Kathryne says I will be allowed to post Chapter 1, * squeel* Thanks Kathryne, coming soon.
I am really looking forward to this series

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Contests going on At Gothic Asylum Reviews

Stop on by and become a follower and enter to win some fab prizes
Whats up on the block to win

-Demonia Bat Wing Wallet
-Alice in Wonderland locket
-a copy of the first graphic novel in the Twilight series

Now this is three different contest so be sure to enter them all

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OH MY GOD is it Saturday morning? Yes I like many children ran downstairs early on a Saturday technically you can sleep in morning to go watch the smurfs and she-ra but that a different story for another time, Anyways I just learned they are making a smurf movie. Now I just have to say with all the 80's toys and cartoons making a come back maybe some of us should let go a little and learn to move on. I mean what's next a thunder cat movie? Now will I be in line to see it Hell Ya but still the smurfs were cheap even back in the 80's. Of course everyone remember the theme song * Singing LALALALALA loudly off-key* they couldn't even afford words to it.And OMG the one line dialog But yet someone felt the needed to make a new movie. I might hate myself as I leave the theater but I'll go along and see if it helps us recapture a little of our youth. And the big names they have slated to voices

Jonathan Winters as Papa Smurf [4]
Katy Perry as Smurfette [4]
Alan Cumming as Gutsy Smurf [4]
George Lopez as Grouchy Smurf [4]

When can we expect this little gem? Well I heard it's scheduled for a late-July release. Well now that that song is once again embedded in my head...

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Supernatural- Have you been watching?

I'm not one that can watch T.V shows mostly for the fact that I can't never remember when they are on so I fall behind. Then I don't want to get ahead of what I know so after a few weeks of forgetting I can't watch the season at all until I buy it. Anyway due to this I have missed out on some really great shows. This past month I splurged *shh don't tell on me now* Supernatural was one of them I bought Seasons 1-4 and I'm loving it. I'm only on the 2nd season but It's great and the men Whoo .
Hot Right!
I have been having a marathon which after all is the best reason to buy the seasons right.

Do you love it? What other show can't you live without? I'm always looking for the ones I missed :)

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Add on post for Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight

Deidre Knight's people was kind enough to send this to me to post so post I shall-

Groundbreaking Butterfly Tattoo Finally Available in Print

Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight, which created an online sensation when released as an e-book last April, is now available for the first time in print (Samhain Publishing, February 2010).

The story’s release in any format indicates that contemporary culture’s acceptance of the sometimes “fluid” nature of sexuality has taken giant strides.

When Knight first shopped the novel in 2004, Michael and Rebecca’s love story was deemed too controversial for public acceptance. Michael is struggling to come to terms with his male life partner of 12 years being senselessly killed by a drunk driver a year earlier. Then he meets and falls in love with Rebecca, a woman carrying physical and emotional scars

“I came close to selling repeatedly,” Knight explains. “It was considered for hardcover at several big houses, but each time the book proved to be just a click too edgy.”

However, after little more than two weeks on the market as an e-book in April, a search for “Deidre Knight’s Butterfly Tattoo” on Google delivered 9,850 hits. The first two pages consistently catalogued very positive reviews. Today glowing praise continues to predominate, page after page.

Why not read this groundbreaking book and determine its “edgy” factor for yourself? To order your copy of Butterfly Tattoo visit Borders, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million or any of your other favorite online retailers.

In a side note - if you got something you would like me to put up please feel free to send it to me and I will get it up :)

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contest for today over at the Qwillery

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Is spring coming yet?!?

So I know like most people I'm ready for spring to get here. But why? I'm not a gardener ( In fact plants wilt as I walk by them ). Spring reminds me of cleaning and do I really want to do that? Will I actually get outside more as the weather gets better? I'd like to think so but in reality probably not. But still and all the same I'm like a child after being cooped up. I'm ready to run and play in the sun. What about you? What does spring remind you of? What can't you wait to do ?