Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bring in the Readers Online Conference 3/19- 3/21 I'm participating are you ?

What is Bring in the Readers
Well here's what it says-
Bloggers and Publishers have the same goals, to bring in readers. This Conference is to discuss what is working online to promote books and what we can do better. How can we work together and with authors to bring readers online? What are Publishers goals in working with Bloggers? What are Bloggers and Reviewers looking for? Join us for panels, discussions and giveaways.


Now why attend well I'm in it to learn that's why. I want to know how to better interest you, to make you feel as if stopping by my little crack in the corner that is the web of the world like you haven't wasted a small hunk of your time.Now I registered for this before i even set up this page so I can't blame you for it lol. I am fascinated by the whole process and already have a notebook that I have been jotting thoughts in. You want to come learn with me? I think there's still time go register now!!!!
PS It sounds like fun too And Terry who's in charge of the whole thing is just a doll. So if you have any question feel free to ask her

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