Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Supernatural- Have you been watching?

I'm not one that can watch T.V shows mostly for the fact that I can't never remember when they are on so I fall behind. Then I don't want to get ahead of what I know so after a few weeks of forgetting I can't watch the season at all until I buy it. Anyway due to this I have missed out on some really great shows. This past month I splurged *shh don't tell on me now* Supernatural was one of them I bought Seasons 1-4 and I'm loving it. I'm only on the 2nd season but It's great and the men Whoo .
Hot Right!
I have been having a marathon which after all is the best reason to buy the seasons right.

Do you love it? What other show can't you live without? I'm always looking for the ones I missed :)


  1. I have not seen this series. Sounds good. I really get into the crime series like C.S.I, and Law & Order.

  2. It is wonderful but I have spent a week straight watching it and I feel there should be a warning so it is as follows
    *Warning- Highly addictive. Can cause jumpyness. And after said amount of hours it will creep into your dreams and they will be scary and not right but Dean is just so droolwrothy. lol yup that should cover it