Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2012 (movie review)

Ok so I know most people will say they have already seen this movie but Hey what can I say I'm slow.I HATE going to the theater. Our is alway cold with the most uncomfortable seats and for some reason maybe it's me but their sound is off. The bass is so loud it will shake the walls but the talking is so low you need sub- titles to know whats going on. All in all a horrible experience for me so I watch my movies when they come to DVD and with my ( Other) a major home entertainment guy ( I love Blu-ray now but shhh don't tell him) he keeps me up with the lastest movies. Ok rambling here back to the point.

2012 - A Keeper. I loved it. I'm not a cry at movies type of girl but this one yeah I descretely wiped away a few. Maybe it was all the earthquakes that has been happening but it really left me with a small feeling of dread and the knowledge nugget of hey it could happen. But in the end the graphics rocked. A beautiful story of love and family amongst a back-drop of explosions and who don't love seeing things blow-up. Now I'm a love nature in all it's glory and I have to add if you are too, watch for the volcano eruption. Awesome.

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